Celebrities using NLP

Top celebrities have been turning to NLP -
Russell Brand openly declares NLP as Life Saver. Mr. Brand, having used NLP to assist his life transformation from junkie to movie star immediately realized the old pattern and potential for disaster. Instead of treading familiar paths he took immediate action and called his coach from the film set, for a powerful concoction of NLP to revise the program.

Movie star Gerrard Butler, Super investor Warren Buffet, Tennis ace Andre Agassi, Michael Strahan and many more have understood the power of the mind and turned to NLP to achieve inspirational results. Often when already successful but finding themselves performing below their optimum potential.NLP is fast, effective and often requires little attention to the past. Understanding the way your mind operates gives new choices, perceptions and opportunities to overcome entrenched fear and achieve your greatest results.


Tony Robbins -
Renowned success Coach.
"I built my sales carrier, from Zero to become the world best motivator, by using NLP."


Oprah Winfrey -
Media, proprietor & talk show host.
"NLP help me to manage audiences n motivate them. it is just amazing."


Michael Strahan -
American Footballer, Cured of snake fear.


Gerrard Butler -
Hollywood movie star.


Warren Buffet -
Business magnate, investor and philanthropist.


Andre Agassi -
World's No. 1 Tennis player.


Johnnie L Cochran, jr. -
American defense and criminal lawyer.


Bill Clinton -
Former US President.


Russell Brand -
English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist.

Upcoming Event

11 February, 2017

Confidence building for physically challanged people

National association for blind, Indore

08 to 16 september, 2017

Internationally Recognized NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis certification


17 to 26 November, 2017

Masters Practitioners of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis workshop


01 to 09 April, 2017

International Certification in NLP | Time Line Therapy | Hypnosis.

Sayaji Hotel, Indore

26 September, 2016

Introductory Workshop on "PARENTING"


28 November to 03 December, 2016

Internationally Recognized NLP Practitioner Certification


03 to 08 November, 2016

Effective Public Speaking & Life Skill Management workshop


06 to 10 september, 2016

Effective Public Speaking & Life Skill Management workshop


30 August, 2016

Motivational lecture on Anand ki Paribhasha.

Vishva shanti gyanpith, Parvani, Maharashtra.

30 August, 2016

Motivational lecture on Success Redefine.

Shri Shivaji Mahavidhalay, Parvani, Mharashtra.

30 August, 2016

Motivational lecture on Success Redefine.

Dhyanopasak mahavidhyalay, parvani, Maharashtr.


Rehana Khan ( Principal )

I learn stress and anger management and also how to deal with the strength and weakness. I like flower bunch activity and one minute game learning. I will regularly follow up. Thanks to Manisha mam

राना बेग ( शिक्षक )

इस वर्कशॉप ने मेरी जिंदगी बदल दी मेरा जीने का तरीका बदल दिया मुझे मेरे मकसद तक पहुचाने का रास्ता दिखा दिया है, मुझे अपना आत्मविश्वास लौटाया है जो में खो चुकी थी आज में कह सकती हुँ । I Can do it.

Hadeeqa Usmani ( Teacher )

इस वर्कशॉप ने हमारी आँखे खोल दी हमें सिखाया शिक्षक का पेशा जो कि बहुत ही अहम् काबिले एहतिराम है उसे हम ईमानदारी के साथ क्यू व कैसे करें । ऐसी काबिल लाइफ कोच से हमें सीखने का मौका बार बार मिले ।

Musharrij Khan ( Teacher )

If turns up my whole thinking about teaching profession. I am glad and lucky that I have got the chance to attend the three days workshop. Now I am confident and fearless.

आयशा खान ( प्राचार्य )

तीन दिन की वर्कशॉप में एक नया अनुभव मिला अभी तक जो भी हासिल किया था उसे फिर से एक अलग नजरिये से देखने का ऐसा अहसास हुआ मोहतरमा मनीषा गौर कि जादुई आवाज और समझाने की टेक्नीक सालो साल तक याद रहेगी और हर काम में फैसला लेने में काम आएगी ।

ममता पटेल ( ( पत्रकार) )

ऐसी बहुत सारी चीजे जिन्हें हम सिर्फ किताबो में पढते थे उन्हें प्रेक्टिकल किया । इतनी उर्जा अपने साथ लेकर जा रहे है जितने की आशा भी हमने नहीं की थी। मेरे अन्दर आत्मविश्वास का संचार हुआ|

Suranika jaiswal ( (Student) )

It was very nice experience to attend this three days workshop of Roopantaran. I have learnt many things. These three days becomes golden days of my life and I felt that I have joined this workshop at perfect time of my life. So, THANKS to Manisha mam.

Priyanka Pavaiya ( (Elixir inovative learning) )

Let me give this credit of honour that these three days have changed my thought process. I can feel that I have actually learned so many things and have got answers to various queries related to my personal life. For me the motive with which i was been brought to the workshop is sincerely achieved. These three days have helped me to change various things in myself which was hindering my performance. Special thanks and Regard to Manisha mam for her valuable suggestions.

डा. मंजुला विश्वास ( (प्रोफेसर ) )

हम सबने पूरी ट्रेनिंग में प्रेक्टिकल टिप्स सीखे है जो कि हमें बेहतर इंसान,बेहतर टीचर और बेहतर प्रेरक बनने में मदद करेंगे| मनीषा जी की माधुर्यपूर्ण बाते व आवाज सदा हमारे कानो में गूंजती रहेगी|

Deepak Dubey ( (Student) )

Workshop was excellent. I never think that it would be so good. I learn so many things that and never learned before.


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