Professional Programs -

Motivational Keynotes....

The keynotes of Manisha Gaur are exciting, innovative, powerful, entertaining which would give audience the tool to create passion in their personal and professional life. The ultimate aim is to stimulates the mind, touch the right chord of emotions, cause a rhythm within And flow inside the audience as happiness wave to help them grow personally and professionally. The content is designed as per your needs, interests, expectations And concern. The result is noticeable immediately.

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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is an approach to communicate, personal development and psychotherapy. NLP works on the basis of Neuro Science And the thinking patterns that reflects on human action And Behavior. It is a happening technology all over the world, which an outcome of intense research done by the clinical psychologist, the scientist of Neuro Science And Mental Health Studies.

NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) is a multidimensional process that involves the development of behavioral competence and flexibility, but also involves strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior.

The neuro logical system regulate how our bodies function, language determines how we interface and communicate with other people and our programming determines the kind of model of the world we create. In other words NLP is like a user manual for mind and allows us to use the language of the mind constantly achieve our specific and desired outcome.

We offer one on one personalized session of NLP to help individual to achieve what they want. These sessions are highly effective and provide lasting transformation in a single session or maximum in two sessions.All our training and coaching programs are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming. We conduct Internationally Recognized NLP Practitioner certification and NLP Master Practitioner certification programs.

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If you want to be Motivator, Trainer, Speaker, Life Coach, Advisor, Educator, Counsellor, Anchor, Change Agent, Phobia cure Specialist, Relationship Expert, Peak Performance Specialist, Bad habit cure Specialist, Stage Artist, Social Activist, Placement officer.
If you want to make a career in corporate world as Behaviour Consultant, Training and development head, Negotiation and conflict handling expert, Selling coach... etc.
If you want to establish your Training organization, Mind training institute, Therapy centre, Counselling centre
For personal and professional excellence.
Anyone who want to make a difference in self and ready to transform it to other….
Join This Unique Opportunity with “ROOPANTARAN”

Corporate wellness program....

To guide and motivate the employees to be responsible leaders and to set example to their fellow workers to learn to do more and in a better way urgent and important things of job and life in less time an enjoyable way for organizational growth and personal health and happiness. Concept, techniques and tools of self and time management for corporate productivity enhancement and personal and group delightment.

Internationally certified NLP training in India

Public Speaking and Life Skill Management....

This course will give you the opportunity to develop and strengthen skills and preparing and presenting public oral presentations in a variety of situations. The course aims to reduce participant's anxiety in public presentations, emphasize speech preparation, enhance public speaking skills, and enable participants to evaluate their own performance and that of Others. It combats the fear associated with public speaking as well as brings out the speaking attributes of each individual and sharpens the skill of critical listening. It also includes Leadership Qualities and Values, Managing Mood, Energy, Enthusiasm, Emotions, Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Money and communication, Work Life Balance and self esteem building activity utilizing constructive criticism

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Basic Lab on Human Process (Two Days Fundamental course)....

The Course designed on experiential learning methodologies; aim at helping us understand ourselves better and discovering more creative and satisfying ways of working and relating with others. In taking the risk of living more fully in the moment, participants in these labs have the opportunity to become more sensitive to their own and others' feelings, needs and behaviors. They can learn to express themselves more directly and perceive the impact of their behavior. The quality of their interpersonal relations with colleagues and personal relationships with family and friends is expected to improve. They can become alive to their Leadership potential.

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Educational sector programs....

* Mental, Physical, Educational and Social Skill Development Workshop for School, College, Coaching, Hostel and Other Institutes.

* Teachers Training.

* Good Parenting

* Mind Power Program

* Skill Power Program

* Dealing With Adolescence

* Morality and Patriotism

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Life Style Solution For All....

NLP training certificationCosmic Energy and Human life -

* Understanding Universe and Nature.

* Traditional, Modern And Scientific Approaches.

* Reinventing Ancient Wisdom.

* Total Quality Rhythm of life.

* Life in Coordination with Nature.

* Purification of Mind, Body And Soul.

NLP training in IndiaMind Power Programs -

* Meditation.

* Discover Yourself

* Creative Visualization.

* Will Power Development.

* Memory Techniques.

* Stress and Anger Management.

Best NLP trainer in IndiaHealth and Hygiene -

* Basic of Yoga and Sankhya.

* Breathing Exercise For Concentration and Memory Development.

* Dietary Habits.

* Pranic Energy Enhancement.

* Physical Activism and Workouts.

* Happy and Healthy Habit Formation.

* Overall Wellness.

Top 5 motivational speaker in IndiaManaging Mood, Stress and Anger -

* Being Proactive.

* Navigating Through Negatives.

* Confidence building.

* Attitude Building.

* Emotional Intelligence.

* Encouraging Creativity.

Nlp for excellence & international peace activistIntegrated Personality Development -

* Etiquette And Character Building

* Inter Personal Skill.

* Team Building and Management.

* Developing Soft Skills.

* Rational Decision Making.

* Leadership Qualities.

* Time Management.

* Devotion For Duties.

Life Coaching for Individual....

* NLP based Life Coaching - All coaching sessions are strictly confidential, we practice an unconditional positive regards for the clients. We respect the privacy of the client and always try to help and motivate him/her for the better future.

* Who would benefit - (Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Business person, House wife,Student, Professional and Others).

* Phobia Cure – ( Height Phobia, Stage Phobia, Water phobia, Afraid of darkness etc.)

* Bad Habit Cure – (Tobacco, Cigarette, Alcohol, Anger, Excess eating etc.)

* Navigating Through Negatives – (Depression problems, Handling failures, Handling difficult and Emergency situations.)

* Career- (Counseling, Progression and Change).

* Customized Consultancy.

A) Relationship problems.

B) Pre marital guidance.

c) Pre pregnancy guidance.

* Image consultancy – (Styling, Finishing, Trend setting).

Other program ....

* Spiritual lectures.

* Analytic lectures on Religion.

* Morality and Patriotism.

* MultiCultural unity.

* Couple Training.

* Family Training.

Special program....

Krishna - The life skill management Guru

(3 - 6 hours program on teachings of Krishna)

Krishna is the mentor of mentors, coach of coaches and guru of all motivational gurus. He is the greatest life skill expert and transformation leader, A great communicator, a friend in need, a politician par excellence but compassionate. We have a special three hour program on teachings of Krishna which helps us solving all problems on all walks of life.

Upcoming Event

23rd to 30th December, 2017

Internationally recognized NLP, Time line therapy & Hypnosis Practitioner Certification


17th to 26th November, 2017

Internationally recognized NLP, Time line therapy & Hypnosis Masters Certification

Bangkok, Thailand

22, 23 & 24 September, 2017

Effective Speaking & Life Skill Management workshop


02nd to 09th September, 2017

Internationally recognized NLP, Time line therapy & Hypnosis Practitioner Certification

Zorba the buddha, Delhi

12th to 19th August, 2017

Internationally recognized NLP, Time line therapy & Hypnosis Practitioner Certification


05th to 11th July, 2017

Internationally recognized NLP Practitioner Certification


01 to 09 April, 2017

International Certification in NLP | Time Line Therapy | Hypnosis.

Sayaji Hotel, Indore

26 September, 2016

Introductory Workshop on "PARENTING"


28 November to 03 December, 2016

Internationally Recognized NLP Practitioner Certification


03 to 08 November, 2016

Effective Public Speaking & Life Skill Management workshop


06 to 10 september, 2016

Effective Public Speaking & Life Skill Management workshop



Rehana Khan ( Principal )

I learn stress and anger management and also how to deal with the strength and weakness. I like flower bunch activity and one minute game learning. I will regularly follow up. Thanks to Manisha mam

राना बेग ( शिक्षक )

इस वर्कशॉप ने मेरी जिंदगी बदल दी मेरा जीने का तरीका बदल दिया मुझे मेरे मकसद तक पहुचाने का रास्ता दिखा दिया है, मुझे अपना आत्मविश्वास लौटाया है जो में खो चुकी थी आज में कह सकती हुँ । I Can do it.

Hadeeqa Usmani ( Teacher )

इस वर्कशॉप ने हमारी आँखे खोल दी हमें सिखाया शिक्षक का पेशा जो कि बहुत ही अहम् काबिले एहतिराम है उसे हम ईमानदारी के साथ क्यू व कैसे करें । ऐसी काबिल लाइफ कोच से हमें सीखने का मौका बार बार मिले ।

Musharrij Khan ( Teacher )

If turns up my whole thinking about teaching profession. I am glad and lucky that I have got the chance to attend the three days workshop. Now I am confident and fearless.

आयशा खान ( प्राचार्य )

तीन दिन की वर्कशॉप में एक नया अनुभव मिला अभी तक जो भी हासिल किया था उसे फिर से एक अलग नजरिये से देखने का ऐसा अहसास हुआ मोहतरमा मनीषा गौर कि जादुई आवाज और समझाने की टेक्नीक सालो साल तक याद रहेगी और हर काम में फैसला लेने में काम आएगी ।

ममता पटेल ( ( पत्रकार) )

ऐसी बहुत सारी चीजे जिन्हें हम सिर्फ किताबो में पढते थे उन्हें प्रेक्टिकल किया । इतनी उर्जा अपने साथ लेकर जा रहे है जितने की आशा भी हमने नहीं की थी। मेरे अन्दर आत्मविश्वास का संचार हुआ|

Suranika jaiswal ( (Student) )

It was very nice experience to attend this three days workshop of Roopantaran. I have learnt many things. These three days becomes golden days of my life and I felt that I have joined this workshop at perfect time of my life. So, THANKS to Manisha mam.

Priyanka Pavaiya ( (Elixir inovative learning) )

Let me give this credit of honour that these three days have changed my thought process. I can feel that I have actually learned so many things and have got answers to various queries related to my personal life. For me the motive with which i was been brought to the workshop is sincerely achieved. These three days have helped me to change various things in myself which was hindering my performance. Special thanks and Regard to Manisha mam for her valuable suggestions.

डा. मंजुला विश्वास ( (प्रोफेसर ) )

हम सबने पूरी ट्रेनिंग में प्रेक्टिकल टिप्स सीखे है जो कि हमें बेहतर इंसान,बेहतर टीचर और बेहतर प्रेरक बनने में मदद करेंगे| मनीषा जी की माधुर्यपूर्ण बाते व आवाज सदा हमारे कानो में गूंजती रहेगी|

Deepak Dubey ( (Student) )

Workshop was excellent. I never think that it would be so good. I learn so many things that and never learned before.


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